The true “spiritual way” is simple and direct.
All spiritual development evolves through direct encounter with your own consciousness.
No one else can do this for you.

- Christa Burka -

Embracing Your True Spiritual Path

All spiritual development evolves through direct encounter with your own consciousness. There just simply doesn’t seem to be any way around this truth.  Sooner or later, all spiritual practitioners come to this pivotal point of understanding. Miraculously, it is the direct encounter with your own consciousness that actually

  • defines your unique spiritual path and...
  • brings you the authentic spiritual connection that you seek and...
  • the clarity and wisdom to integrate your enlightened awareness into everyday life.

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Crystal and Consciousness: The Mystical Connection

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Author Master Teacher Mentor

A renowned author, Christa Burka is recognized worldwide (since 1985) as an expert on the transformation and evolution of human consciousness. She is an enlightening spiritual catalyst to courageous, committed spiritual practitioners who are ready to shift their focus 180 degrees to look within and surrender to their unique path of awakening.

Through her books, seminars, retreats, master trainings and private consultations, Christa has helped thousands of individuals to:

  • Step into a direct experience of their True Self
  • Integrate & embody the enlightened expression of who they truly are
  • Live a genuinely awakened life

Christa is also a respected authority on the extraordinary relationship between natural quartz crystal and consciousness. Her teachings reveal profound insight into the true nature of crystal energy and how to integrate crystal energy into any healing, meditation or spiritual practice to energetically support and accelerate the awakening and evolution of your consciousness.