Awakening Beyond Belief

What Christa knows to be true is this:

“Your life is your spiritual path. There is no separation. How you live your life is your spiritual practice.”

- Christa Burka -
Author Master Teacher Mentor

Christa’s practical, down-to-earth, no fluff approach to spirituality is rooted in her own life experience and in the clarity, compassion and wisdom that she gained through her own healing journey from severe illness and physical disability. Christa found grace, healing and new possibilities for her life through a profound inner transformation, a spiritual awakening that radically changed her and the course of her life. Her personal story is both miraculous and inspiring.

Surrendering to the Bigger Picture

From the authentic depth of her own awakening, Christa was guided to speak, teach and write three books that have been translated and celebrated in several languages to enrich the lives of thousands in profound and lasting ways – Clearing Crystal Consciousness, Pearls of Consciousness and The LifeCrystal®.

She was also guided, step by step on a global path of service to support the awakening of human consciousness. Living with radical trust, courage and total surrender, she often felt like a pioneer living her higher purpose into existence - one step at a time. Knowledge and guidance about her extraordinary path of service was revealed to her precisely at the moment that she needed it. Her life is a testament of the authenticity of what she teaches. Christa could never have conceived, in her wildest imagination,
the miraculous life that she has lived since 1984.

A Gift of Grace

Thirty years ago, Christa was given revolutionary, spiritual insight and understanding that the possibility exists NOW for spiritual practitioners to simply step out of their ego and its “story of separation” into a direct experience of the light of pure consciousness that shines within them as their True Self. She was also given awareness about a remarkable “tool of consciousness”, a crystalline catalyst to support “the awakening ones,” to realize, integrate and embody the enlightened expression of who they truly are.

Christa is the founder of the LifeCrystal® Teachings, enlightened wisdom teachings about the extraordinary potential of natural quartz crystal to energetically support and accelerate the awakening and
evolution of human consciousness.

Committing to Serve

Something that you may be surprised to learn about Christa is that she has had two near-death experiences. In her first near-death experience at age 21, she consciously chose to return to her body to heal her life. During her second near-death experience at age 40, she consciously chose to return to her body
to help others to heal their life.

Dreaming the Impossible Dream

If Christa had a super power it would be to dissolve the consciousness of separation existing within human consciousness so that all people could simultaneously experience the inexpressible oneness and
interconnectedness of all life and recognize that:

  • heaven is right here, right now
  • heaven is a state of consciousness whose essence is unity
  • love is the glue that joins all life and our world together

Christa is dedicated to ending the pervasive consciousness of separation in our world and establishing unity as an enduring quality of human consciousness. Global unity and sustainable world peace are dependent on the emergence of unity within human consciousness.

Still Learning

Born in the beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Christa was educated as a teacher
at the University of B.C. and Simon Fraser University. She continues to be a student in the University of Life
and presently lives in Cloverdale, B.C., Canada.

... about how she may best support you when you are ready to embrace, integrate and embody the enlightened expression of who you truly are go.

“It is not what we are given in life that matters but what we do with what we are given that matters.”

- Unknown -