Crystal For Your Home

Enhancing The Energy of Your Home With Quartz Crystal

“As above, so below.”

It is quite possible that no other life form on our planet so clearly mirrors the perfection of spirit manifested within form as does natural quartz crystal. By this I mean that the external form of quartz crystal is a perfect mirror of its internal molecular structure. The form and the essence are one and the same. This creates an essential integrity between the inner and outer expression of quartz crystal.

When the inner and outer expression is identical –
we call this sacred.

Similarly, as you turn your focus inward to heal your life and evolve your consciousness, your outer expression begins to reflect your inner transformation, becoming more aligned with your essence and the truth of
who you are. This change is also reflected in your environment and living space.

Your home is a mirror of yourself.
It is a bridge between
your inner and outer world.

Your home is a sanctuary where you can heal, balance and regenerate. It is a retreat where you can
remember who you are and reconnect with the sacredness of life.

Your home is also a power point, a vortex of energy
filled with many different energies.

Quartz crystal interacts with the earth energies, the universal energies and the energy in your home to:

  • enhance and harmonize the energy field in your home
  • maintain clarity in the energy of your home
  • anchor the vibration of peace and unity into your home

Enjoy this video of a few beautiful Quartz Crystals that have found homes throughout the world.