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“Land of The Midnight Sun”
June 21st, 2010


My journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun, June 2010, brought full-circle an extraordinary 25-year cycle of global travel to serve and support the awakening of human consciousness. This miraculous, divinely inspired cycle of my life began in January, 1985 with a loud knock on the door of the small cottage that I had rented on Maui. Little did I realize the profound impact that opening that door would have on my life - that whoever was standing on the other side of that door held an essential key to my destiny. This person was the postman. He placed a heavy box at my feet and left.


I had just returned from the Big Island the previous day, where I had participated in a week-long Gestalt Seminar with many of the original 22 Reiki Masters that had been trained by Hawayo Takata, the Grand Master of Reiki, prior to her death in 1980. During this seminar, I received spiritual insight from one of the participants, that my path of service was new and completely unique to the world and that it involved healing, energy, transformation and crystal. My immediate thought was wine glasses? The guidance continued to suggest that, if I truly wanted to understand my deeper purpose, I needed to stop trying to figure out what I was to do. In other words, I needed to get out of my thinking mind and “jump off the cliff” with total trust. The guidance also asked me to leave the group the next morning (before the group was finished), travel back to Maui and write a book on crystal that would go out into the world.

By this time, I was in a state of total disbelief. I knew nothing about crystal. I had never read any books about crystal and had never written a book on anything, let alone one that I knew nothing about! However, I had utterly exhausted my ability to intellectually understand my life purpose and finally realized that my intellectual mind was actually incapable of perceiving what I was to do. In that instant, I decided to jump.

I landed in the unknown and from that moment on, my life became an adventure that has been beyond my wildest expectations. My intellectual mind is truly incapable of conceiving the life that I have lived since that moment.


Inside the box was a large clear quartz crystal ball and several hand-held size clear quartz points. There was also a note inside the box from an acquaintance that I had met many months earlier. At that time, I had shared my enjoyment of a small crystal that I had received from a friend and my wish to collect a few more pieces. Recently, he had traveled to the crystal mines in Arkansas, U.S.A., and was inspired to send me these particular crystals. The synchronicity of receiving these crystals on this particular day was remarkable. How quickly the universe steps in to support us to fulfill our destiny when we truly surrender and say “yes”!

As I unpacked the crystals, I began to experience consistently clear insight and inner guidance. I was guided to meditate three hours a day for seven days with the crystal ball using a very unusual meditation technique. I was also instructed to place each crystal in a specific location in the house, as well as to bury some crystals outside around the house.

During the meditations with the crystal ball, I felt an energetic and physical alignment happening that seemed to involve my whole nervous system. On the seventh day, I experienced the left and right hemispheres of my brain become completely integrated. Then I was guided to begin to write the book.

Clearing Crystal Consciousness was birthed moment by moment, the words emerging one after another through a clear calm voice in my heart as I fully honored each moment with my conscious presence. The book was written whole and complete. It seemed to be infused with the energy of pure grace. As I was writing, I realized that the book spoke very little about the physical crystal, but a great deal about the essence of crystal consciousness. The book was also about the essence of my life experience. Perhaps the essence of crystal consciousness and the essence of my life experience were one and the same? In any case, I was writing about the essence of all that I had personally learned and integrated within myself, not something I learned from a source outside of myself.

I also received enlightened insight about the use of a specific clear quartz crystal as a “tool of consciousness” to support the awakening and evolution of human consciousness. I was asked to call this crystal the “LifeCrystal”. Soon the LifeCrystal would become successfully integrated into my work with individuals world-wide to energetically support their personal transformation and spiritual awakening.


I completed the manuscript for Clearing Crystal Consciousness within three months and was guided to return to Vancouver, B.C. to have the manuscript professionally prepared to send to four publishers, complete my personal business in Vancouver and depart to live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. No reason was given to me about why I was to relocate to Santa Fe but soon I began to realize that I would never be given a reason for what seemed to be, (to my intellectual mind), the illogical and risky guidance that I was receiving. It seemed that my life was no longer my life. My life was being guided from a higher source, from the bigger picture and it certainly was not boring!

I would like you, the reader, to understand that the “reason” why specific guidance was given to me was mine to discover. While I had free-will to accept or deny the guidance, when I said “yes” and acted on my guidance, I began to live my higher purpose into existence. Through my action, the reason and purpose for my guidance became realized and crystal clear. But this understanding and clarity only came to me at the completion of each step of my journey. So I took out a map of the U.S.A. to find the location of Santa Fe in New Mexico.


Seeing that Santa Fe is located a long distance from Vancouver, I decided to buy a small, lightweight Boler trailer to pull behind my car. I began to search the local newspaper for trailers that were for sale. To my delight, I found a Boler trailer for sale in Langley, only a short distance from Vancouver. I telephoned the owner to let him know that I would like to view the trailer. Just before I put the telephone down I said,
“Oh, by the way, what is your name?” He replied, “Mr. Crystal.”

As I was completing the finishing touches on my little white trailer, my guidance suggested that I put the crystal ball inside the trailer and leave it there during the entire trip. I did not have any problems on the long journey to Santa Fe. Whenever I needed assistance, it miraculously appeared. This was the beginning of the 25-year journey that I was unknowingly destined to live. Wherever I went in the world, the crystal ball was always with me and was present during all of my work with individuals and groups. I often had the sense that the crystal ball held the essence of the “pearl energy”, that it was the Pearl of Wisdom in crystal form.


In 1990 during a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, at the time that my books were published in the Swedish language, I received inner guidance that I would take a group of people to the Land of the Midnight Sun for June 21st, 2010. I was delighted and excited by this message but as it seemed so far in the future, I tucked the message away somewhere in my mind and carried on with my work in the present.


Eighteen years later, in 2008, a surprising reminder about the journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun came to me while facilitating a seminar in Kilafors, Sweden. During the final closing meditation, a brilliant white light filled the whole room. I simultaneously heard a clear voice say, “You’ve awakened the tail of the dragon.” I do not know how I knew what this message meant but I instantly understood it. I told the group about my experience and my understanding that the dragon was the mountain energy. The participants told me that there is a mountain range that runs through the center of Sweden up to the far north of Sweden where an ancient volcanic valley known as Lapporten is located. This valley is surrounded by neighbouring mountains and is known as the legendary gateway to Lapland. However, I personally feel that it is the gateway to something much bigger. From a distance, Lapporten resembles an open mouth. Was Lapporten “the mouth of the dragon” and the area around Kilafors, “the tail of the dragon?”


The guidance continued and requested that I take a group of people to Abisko, Sweden for June 21st, 2010. After a few moments, I was also asked to place the crystal ball into Lake Torneträsk at Abisko. I looked at the crystal ball glowing in the center of the room and closed my eyes. This was hard to hear!

A special aspect of my work/service has involved working with very unique large crystals to support the transmutation of the collective level of consciousness within different nations. This level of the work has always brought me into a profound connection with the earth energies of different nations along with an awareness of how the consciousness of the earth and the consciousness of the people living in a specific country are inextricably linked in a continuous cycle of evolution. We are not separate from the earth. We are a part of all living systems that span the globe. All life is interconnected and occasionally, I have been guided to place very specific crystals at strategic places in the world to support the transmutation as well as the interconnectedness of the collective level of consciousness.

Now, I was being guided to let-go of this remarkable crystal ball that had been so integral to my global service from the very beginning, from the writing of Clearing Crystal Consciousness and all that followed from this book. I was being asked to let go of something very precious, something very personal and essential to the fulfillment of my destiny. With this guidance, I simultaneously knew that a great cycle in my life was coming to a close. The placing of the crystal ball into Lake Torneträsk marked the completion of this great cycle and the evolution into a new cycle for both the crystal ball and myself.
From the depths of Lake Torneträsk, the crystal ball would serve the bigger picture.


We were a group of 12 that travelled to Abisko, Sweden for the Summer Solstice of 2010. Abisko is a World Heritage Site and a National Park located approximately 300 kms inside the Arctic Circle.
It is situated on the south shore of Lake Torneträsk, a large lake, 70 km. long and 11 km. wide.

Abisko or (Ábeskovvu in Sami) is a vast area of Arctic plains, forests, mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers. It is remote and it is wild. The raw natural beauty and pure energy of the area captivated us. Our days were spent hiking through the boreal forests, along canyons and waterfalls and trekking into the hills. The crystal ball was with us on all of our adventures. The whole area seemed to be welcoming its presence. Our evenings were spent sharing our insights and experiences and meditating in the “crystal clear, pure energy” that embraced us. People seemed transformed simply through their presence in this ancient,
sacred land of the Sami people.


On June 21st we were guided to do a medicine wheel beside the lake with the crystal ball in the center of the circle. Miraculously, we discovered a very secluded place right beside the lake that seemed especially prepared for our ceremony, complete with stone & log seating all arranged in a circle. Immediately upon initiating the Medicine Wheel Ceremony, we knew that we were not alone. The powerful presence of ancestors and beings from throughout the universe surrounded the whole area of Abisko and Lake Torneträsk.
They stood as silent witnesses to what was unfolding. We were humbled by their presence and grateful.

During the Medicine Wheel Ceremony, we experienced the entire four seasons in one hour. This began with a torrential rainfall that drenched us, followed by a snowfall that chilled us. Then the snow ceased to fall and a strong wind blew that seemed to dry us. Finally, by the end of the ceremony, the sun shone its brilliant light upon us, warming us. Even the powerful forces of nature were making their presence known to us!

At the moment of the Summer Solstice, we suited up in proper boating gear and headed out onto
Lake Torneträsk with a wonderful Sami guide/captain. We offered the crystal ball into the pristine,
pure water of the lake at a place that seemed to call to us. Then we made a wide circle around the area
where the crystal ball was located and put many beautiful Polar Jade stones, from northern British Columbia, all around the crystal ball. In ancient Chinese culture, Polar Jade is known as
“The Stone of Heaven” and “The Stone of Peace.”


We all left Abisko with a feeling of being touched by something so profound that no words
could ever express. Each of us had come into direct contact with an unfathomable intelligence and energy
in the universe that exists beyond everything known to us. This intelligence made itself known to us
and reminded each of us that we are a part of this intelligence, this grace, this truth, this miraculous unknowable intelligence that is behind all life and that “yes”, we are here to serve something much greater then ourselves, something unfathomable. This was the gift of Abisko!