Clarity Integrity Authenticity

“Your teachings are a roadmap to the soul.
If people could live your wisdom,
they could transform their whole life.”

- E. Murray, Cambridge, U.K. -

Enlightened Guidance For Life

Humble and “down to earth”, Christa has dedicated her life to serving the awakening of human consciousness by supporting people worldwide in their journeys to discover deeper meaning, purpose and
authentic spiritual connection.

Following 30 years of global travel, to personally meet the thousands of people calling for their LifeCrystal® and her enlightened wisdom, Christa is no longer able to travel. Today, she gratefully embraces the internet and the possibility it provides to continue the work that she loves and to connect with the many people
who continue to seek her work.

Christa’s penetrating insight and crystalline clarity catalyzes shifts of consciousness in individuals,
opening the door to experience, integrate and embody the enlightened expression
of who they truly are.

Her remarkable gift of being able to “transmit” the deepest spiritual truths in simple, clear language
speaks directly to the soul “calling to awaken.”

If your soul is “calling you to awaken” contact Christa today or at:

The LifeCrystal® Consultation

This 2 hour intensive is a deep-dive into the core of who you are. It is an opportunity to awaken
to the truth of who you are as you may have never seen before. This is an experience that goes on giving.
It initiates life-changing transformation that leads you forward on your true spiritual path one step at a time.

Your private consultation includes your own personalized LifeCrystal, the LifeCrystal Book
and a follow-up session.

The fee for a LifeCrystal Consultation varies depending on the size of your LifeCrystal.
The LifeCrystal is usually hand-held size and is the finest quality of natural quartz crystal.
The average cost for the complete package including your LifeCrystal, LifeCrystal Book, initial & follow-up consultation is $600.00. The total cost of your personal LifeCrystal package will be confirmed upon booking.

Individual Breakthrough Consultation

This 1 hour “Breakthrough Consultation” gets to the heart of whatever concerns you may have.
I help you to discover lasting solutions within yourself.

Breakthrough Intensive: $175.00

Small Group Virtual Gatherings

These small group interactive gatherings focus on supporting and accelerating
your spiritual practice and awakening through your everyday life.

Available by Invitation Only.

Special Events

To Be Announced

Please join my Journal up-dates to receive information about
the Small Group Virtual Gatherings and Special Events.

All consultations are available in person, via Skype or Telephone.

CONTACT Christa to schedule your consultation.
Please include your phone number, time zone and the best time to phone you to schedule your consultation.

Payment information will be provided upon confirmation of your booking.